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Ozone Drinking Water

Ozone Drinking Water
Ozone drinking water purifiers from Faraday for Ozone drinking water treatment.

How Ozone is essential in Drinking Water Purification?

  • In Drinking Water ozone is an effective disinfectant and purifier
  • Ozone is also effective in oxidizing organic matter, iron and manganese and produces no taste and odor
  • Ozone is effective in killing bacteria with short exposure times
  • Ozone can be used as a decolorizing, deodorizer, detoxifies, precipitant, coagulant and for removing tastes
  • Ozone treated drinking water can be expected to be cleaner, colorless, nonstaining, odorless, palatable, safer and oxygenated

Ozone Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Ozone Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Why Ozone is essential in Cooling tower water treatment?

  • Ozone is produced on-site and requires no storage of dangerous chemicals
  • Ozone requires no additional disinfection
  • Very effective in removing bio-films
  • Higher efficiency of heat exchangers due to bio-film
  • Cooler running temperatures where scale is inhibited or reduced
  • Ozone is effective in a wide pH range
  • Reduction or elimination chemicals needed for algae control
  • No persistent chemical or disinfectants in bleed. Ozone breaks down to oxygen

Ozone Agriculture

Ozone Agriculture
Ozone Agricultural applications from Faraday.

Ozone in agriculture removes contamination, improves quality of water, protect the food materials, vegetables and fruits during storage.

Ozone is triatomic oxygen, a naturally occurring form of oxygen that was first identified in 1840. Ozone is stronger by 1.5 times than chlorine and much effective over a wider spectrum of microorganisms than chlorine and other disinfectants. Ozone kills bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Listeria and other food pathogens much faster than traditionally used disinfectants, such as chlorine. Increasing attention has been focused recently in Agriculture apart from various industrial applications.



  • For Soil fumigation to remove contaminants
  • Treatment of irrigation water to correct the pH level and Hydrogen sulphide more specifically in hydroponics to boost the yield levels
  • Ozone can be used to greatly improve the quality of stored commodities such as fruits, vegetables, cheeses, nuts etc. by reducing or eliminating the fungus and mold during the period of storage
  • Fumigation of warehouse to guard against from the stored product pests
  • Fumigation of potatoes in cold storage for improving the cooking quality
  • For washing the fruits and vegetables to remove the pesticide residues
  • For superficial removal of fungi and bacteria on the dried spices before grinding them into powder
  • In Poultry industry, ozone improves production efficiency and lower the overall cost through drinking water

Ozone Aquaculture

Aquaculture ozone generators and aquaculture ozonators from Faraday.

Fish farming involves culturing of fish commercially in tanks or enclosures, usually for food. Fish hatcheries and fish farms play an ever increasing role in supplying the world's demand for fish. To effectively supply this demand, fish farms must practice intensive farming techniques where more and more fish are farmed in the same or smaller tank volumes. Of course, as the fish density grows so does the risk of infection by water-borne bacteria and viruses.

Because of these problems, some aquaculture operators frequently use strong antibiotic drugs to keep the fish alive (but many fish still die prematurely at rates of up to 30 percent) In some cases, these drugs have entered the environment. Additionally, the residual presence of these drugs in human food products has become controversial. However, most fish farming operations still use antibiotics, many of which considered to be serious problem to human health as well as for fish farming. Ozone is the ideal disinfectant for aquaculture because of its ability to kill bacteria and viruses without leaving any residue.

Ozone is an effective treatment that:

  • Oxidizes organic matter such as fish excrement
  • Precipitates dissolved matter
  • Allows the micro-flocculation of organic matter
  • Destabilizes colloidal particles
  • Disinfects the water

Moreover, any excess ozone decomposes to oxygen and thus poses no health risk for the fish or the people who subsequently consume them.

Ozone in Waste Water Treatment

Ozone in Waste Water Treatment
Applications of ozone in Waste Water:
  • Oxidation of organic waste
  • Cyanide destruction
  • Ground water petrochemical oxidation
  • Heavy metal precipitation
  • Pulp & paper effluents
  • Textile Mill effluents
  • Textile Dye, Starch, FOG (Fate, Oil, Grease) elimination
  • Pesticide, herbicide and insecticide elimination
  • BOD reduction of domestic waste
  • Secondary treatments for municipal waste water
  • Mining heavy metal precipitation


How ozone helps in waste water treatment ?

1. Color Removal- Surface waters are generally colored by natural organic materials such as humid, fulvic and tannic acids. These compounds result from the decay of vegetative materials and are generally related to condensation products of phenol like compounds they have conjugated carbon/carbon double bonds. When the series of double bonds extend upwards of twenty, the color absorption shows up in the visible spectrum. Ozone is attracted to break organic double bonds. As more of these double bonds are eliminated, the color disappears. Surface water can usually be decolorized when treated with 2 to 4 ppm of Ozone.


2. Removal of Heavy Metals- Ozone oxidizes the transition metals to their higher oxidation state in which they usually form less soluble oxides, easy to separate by filtration. e.g. iron is usually in the ferrous state when it is dissolved in water. With ozone it yields ferric iron, further oxidized in water to Ferric Hydroxide that is very insoluble and precipitates out for filtration. Other metals: Arsenic (in presence of Iron), Cadmium, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Lead, Manganese, Nickel, Zinc- can be treated in a similar way. At Ozone levels above 4 ppm however, Manganese will form soluble permanganate, showing up as a pink color.


3. Improved Coagulation & Turbidity Removal- Oxidation of dissolved organic materials by Ozone results in polar and charged molecules that can react with Polyvalent Aluminum or Calcium to form precipitates. Treatment of a surface water with up to 0.5 ppm of Ozone results in a decrease in turbidity, improved settle ability and a reduction in the number of particles. Referred to as pre-ozonation this treatment destabilizes the colloid with a resultant reduction of the amount of coagulant needed to produce a clear filtrate.


4. Algae Removal- Ozonation of a water contaminated with Algae oxidizes and floats the Algae to the top of the reservoir. The ozone will also oxidize the metabolic by- products of the Algae and remove the undesirable odor and taste.

Why Ozone is used in waste water treatment ?

  • Powerful disinfectant
  • No residual (compared to chlorine)
  • Stronger oxidant (compared chlorine/UV)


Waste Water Treatment Hospital Waste water Treatment Ozone can be utilized to treat waste water generated from hospitals and the medical community. Due to the superior oxidation properties of ozone over conventional treatments and our CD OZONE's high ozone concentration at over 6% by weight, we can (and have) gone after these complex waste streams with very good results. If you have a specific problem you are trying to resolve, please contact us with more details and see how ozone may be employed for your case.

Waste Water Treatment Ozone is effective against a large variety of water treatment problems. In general, the more problems in the water to be treated with ozone, the less an ozonation system costs when compared to other traditional treatment methods.


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